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GCC Core Values - SERVICE
According to Patrick Lencioni, “Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of a company’s actions; they serve as its cultural cornerstones.”
Gateway Community Charters Core Values were developed across multiple years and many stakeholder groups. The Core Values are reviewed and reaffirmed by the administrators, the Board, and Gateway Community Charters annually. These Core Values drive our daily behaviors, decisions, and actions. We honor and recognize staff who exhibit them on an ongoing and regular basis.


We invest time, resources, and energy in serving all stakeholders, while supporting a culture that values and practices service.  
S Student-Focused We make all of our decisions through the lens of what is best for our students, particularly in terms of safety, social/emotional needs, and preparation for College and Career success.
E Excellence We relentlessly pursue excellence with a strategic focus on our vision, mission, values and beliefs, priorities, goals and outcomes.
R Responsibilitiy We know that everything we do has an impact therefore we act with intent, a sense of urgency and embody collective ownership with a focus on continuous improvement.
V Valuing People In all of our actions, interactions and decision-making we seek to honor, recognize and invest in our stakeholders. We understand, acknowledge and live our Capturing Kid’s Hearts culture throughout the organization.
I Integrity We are committed to a high level of ethical behavior and our daily actions and interactions are honest, transparent and consistent leading to a high level of trust throughout the organization.
C Collaboration We create a culture that maximizes individual contribution while leveraging the collective intelligence of everyone through regular and ongoing systems of meaningful participation.
E Empowerment All stakeholders learn, develop, grow and contribute to the GCC and its schools in meaningful ways.