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Gateway Community Charters (GCC) encourages and appreciates parents and community members who are willing to share their time by volunteering in our schools. Volunteers can play an important part in enriching the lives of our students. GCC cares about our students and their safety and, therefore, has created volunteer procedures and requirements to keep the children safe. All volunteers must follow the volunteer procedures and requirements of GCC. There are two levels of volunteers:
Level 1 Volunteers

Level 1 Volunteers

Level 1 volunteers are those that are volunteering for a one-time event, such as a class party, organized event, field trip*, etc. and will be under the direct supervision* of a staff member at all times.
*Direct supervision means that the volunteer will not be alone with students at any time during the volunteer period. The students are still under the direct care off the staff member.
Level 1 volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Application and sign the Volunteer Oath. The Volunteer Application must be signed by the Principal and both documents must be forwarded to Human Resources for processing. Upon approval, HR will notify the school site of the volunteer’s clearance.
Level 1 volunteers are not required to complete the fingerprint clearance or provide TB screening results; however, if the volunteer wishes to volunteer more than once, he/she will then be considered a Level 2 volunteer and will need to meet the appropriate requirements before continuing to volunteer.
Level 2 Volunteers

Level 2 Volunteers

Level 2 volunteers are those that volunteer more than one time, such as classroom volunteers, afterschool program volunteers, coaches, tutors, etc.  
Level 2 volunteers will be required to complete a fingerprint clearance and provide proof of a clear tuberculosis screening. TB Risk Assessment are valid for four years. If your TB clearance expires during your time as a volunteer, an updated TB clearance must be provided to continue as a volunteer for GCC.
*Please Note: Volunteers who drive students on a field trip must also complete the Volunteer Personal Automobile Use form and supply the required documentation, including a valid driver’s license and proof of liability insurance, prior to the field trip.  
Application Process

Application Process

To volunteer, volunteers must complete the GCC Volunteer Application and the Volunteer Oath, documents available below.
Once completed, the Volunteer Application must be signed by the Principal at the site where he/she wishes to volunteer. Once the forms are signed, the volunteer should contact Human Resources to schedule a time to submit the forms.

Required Documents

Level 1 Volunteers:
    • Volunteer Application (Completed & signed by the Volunteer and Principal)
    • Volunteer Oath (Signed by the Volunteer)
    • Valid photo identification (If submitting a copy, please be sure it is in color)
Level 2 Volunteers:
    • Volunteer Application (Completed & signed by the Volunteer and Principal)
    • Volunteer Oath (Signed by the Volunteer)
    • Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Clearance (Valid for four years)
    • Valid photo identification for fingerprint clearance  
    • Volunteer Personal Automobile Use form and all required documents (if applicable)

Fingerprint Clearance

Fingerprint clearance results are required before a volunteer can begin volunteering. Fingerprint fees are paid for by GCC. Failure to disclose information obtained in a fingerprint investigation, or certain convictions, may result in the denial of volunteer services.


Once all required information/documentation has been received, HR will notify the school regarding the volunteer’s clearance. In turn, the school will contact the volunteer directly to let him/her know they are clear to volunteer. Level 2 volunteers – please submit a head shot to the GCC HR office to obtain their volunteer badge. (Level 1 volunteers are not issued volunteer badges due to the short duration of their volunteerism).  
Note: Volunteers may not volunteer, in any capacity, until all requirements have been met and are notified by the school that they are clear to volunteer.