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Gateway Community Charters Community Schools initiative exists to strengthen and expand educational possibilities in each individual GCC school by coordinating community resources, and by working in partnership with children, families, and community partners. We believe the Community Schools Program will lead to better student outcomes, general health improvements for the neighborhoods where our schools are located, provide new opportunities for economic growth, and workforce development.  
The GCC Community District Steering Committee serves as an advisory board to support the work of the 9 Individual Community School Steering Committees. This group meets monthly to advise on the implementation of the Community School implementation at all individual school sites.
Steering Committee Areas of Focus:

Steering Committee Areas of Focus:

  • Identify the unique needs and challenges of each community served by GCC schools.
  • Develop a framework for creating individual community hubs that address the specific needs and challenges of each community.
  • Establish partnerships with community organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders to support the development of community hubs.
  • Ensure that community hubs are integrated into the academic environment and support the academic goals of the school.
  • Promote a culture of community engagement and involvement among scholars, families, and staff.
Steering Committee Rep Seats