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All public comments must be submitted by 4 P.M. on the date of the board meeting.

Individuals wishing to address the Board on any non-agenda items which are of interest to the public and within the Board’s jurisdiction may do so, such as policies, regulations and procedures; comments on programs, services or operations of the GCC and its schools; or fiscal matters. The Board may not act upon items presented during Public Comment but may briefly respond to statements made, ask a clarifying question or refer them to staff or other resources. (Gov. Code §54954.2, §54954.3).
Individuals may also submit public comments to the Board in support of or in opposition to any item being presented to the Board for consideration.
Written comments will be read during the Board meeting, as appropriate. Individuals submitting public comments are limited to a single comment per agenda item.  Responses should be limited to 600 words (3,000 characters) to ensure your comment can be read within 3 minutes.
Please complete the form to the right to submit a public comment. If your comment is specific to an agenda item, please specify which item in the subject line.  
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