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Independent Study

Independent study is available to pupils from transitional kindergarten through high school, and is designed to respond to the pupil’s unique educational needs, interests, aptitudes, and abilities within the confines of legal authority and school board policy. As a recognized alternative to regular classroom study, independent study is expected to be of equal or superior quality to classroom instruction. Students who participate in independent study have the same course requirements as pupils in regular classes.
The flexibility of independent study makes it possible to serve a wide variety of students, permitting some students who otherwise might not graduate to stay in school. Students who enroll in independent study include students who have health concerns, are parents, need to work, and are child actors or aspiring Olympic athletes. Additionally, independent study serves students who desire to accelerate or move more slowly through a course, to make up a subject that they have missed in a regular classroom, or who simply prefer an alternative to classroom instruction.
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TK/K-8th Grade

Community Collaborative Charter School (CCCS) is an independent study program, offering both online and text based courses in grades from Kindergarten through High School. Students participate in pathways and classes that enhance their learning. The school provides numerous opportunities for additional support. All of the teachers and staff have been trained in a program called Capturing Kids Hearts which has been proven to improve educational outcomes and to build relational capacity with students.
A staffed lab is available every day to assist students with their weekly assignments. Additionally, computers are available for students to complete coursework or research jobs, colleges, or vocational programs. In addition to the main lab, the special education program offers its own lab for one-on-one tutorial. Finally, the school has dedicated staff members available to provide resources and assistance with finding jobs and receiving financial aid, as well as accessing community and social services.

7th – 12th Grade

CCCS & SAVA students receive a unique blend of digital curriculum and one-on-one or small group support that allows for a rigorous personalized learning experience for each student. Teachers review each student’s completed work, assessing areas of focus for the week, and customize instruction to meet the student’s needs at every step of the learning process. SAVA also provides additional support labs for any student who needs extra help to achieve their educational goals, including labs tailored to English language learners and students with special needs.
In addition to the standard high school coursework, CCCS & SAVA students participate in career-technical education, service learning opportunities,  dynamic elective offerings, and hands-on workshops focused on career readiness and exploration provided through our exclusive WIOA partnerships. These additional educational opportunities equip students with the academic, career, and personal skills necessary to succeed in all areas of life. All student learning experiences emphasize GRIT: Growth, Responsibility, Independence, and Twenty-First Century Skills.

Senior Capstone

All graduating seniors at SAVA complete the Senior Capstone course and a Service Learning project. Senior Capstone consists of a career exploration and job skills training program and culminates in a portfolio of usable workforce resources, such as resumes, cover letters, and letters of recommendation. In the Service Learning projects, students collaboratively design their own project that makes a positive impact on our local community. Previous Service Learning projects have included community cleanup efforts, homeless outreach, construction projects for local schools, and participation in the Habitat for Humanity program.

Senior Credit Recovery

Students in need of credit recovery can participate in CCCS & SAVA’s self-paced core high school program, which enables them to accelerate their learning and move toward graduation as quickly as possible. Students work at their own pace and receive the support they need to complete coursework and ear their diploma.
Service Learning

Service Learning

Service Learning provides students with an opportunity to use skills and knowledge in real-life situations and extends learning beyond the classroom and into the community. Our goal is that students will become actively contributing citizens and community members through the service they perform.
CCCS & SAVA have always been committed to helping students work in the community in positions that allow them to reflect on their personal values and contribute to the common good. As a consequence of that commitment, the school has developed a generous repertoire of agencies and community services that as a consequence have allowed students to work alongside them for the purpose of service learning.
A service learning project begins when a student recognizes the relationship of a personal interest with a school subject and an application to a problem solution. The problem may be a local, national, or international opportunity. The project may be a personal or a group activity which could produce change in the life situation of the student, the school, the community and beyond.
Each Service Learning Project is initiated and completed by the student or setup by the school as a group project. Students are required to choose from a range of available opportunities of interest in order to complete 24 hours of service learning project time. This typically occurs through 20 hours of service through school centered and run projects and then 4 independent hours that they setup and complete on their own. Students attend 5 classes to help them understand what service learning is and how it works and to help students research their individual projects and experience team building activities that prepare them for serving in the community. With each type of project, the student has a final assignment in a presentation avenue of choice which describes the experience, the activities completed, and the value to the student with respect to:
    • Loaves Increased knowledge of an organization and its services
    • Increased connectedness with the community beyond the school
    • Personal growth resulting from service to others
    • Understanding of the relationship between interest, subject, and area of service
Many students don’t make the connection between school subjects and life in the “real world,” so teachers help them make that connection in a variety of ways. Service Learning brings the “subject to life,” by connecting a local, national, or international concern with a school subject, in a problem-solving project. For the past 25 years, service learning programs have reduced school dropout rates, while increasing student maturity and self-respect, connection with the school and the community, and the value of service to others.

Service Learning Community Partners

It is the desire of CCCS and SAVA to provide unforgettable, hands-on learning experiences for our students. Our program’s strength is founded on 10 years of development with our over 20 past and present Community Partners utilizing a variety of ever-growing diverse opportunities. As part of our program, we offer two annual Service Learning Preview Days that highlight our weekly opportunities by hearing directly from many of our community partners. Our Community Partners include:
We will be serving the needs of homeless women, children and families, Human-trafficking victims, vulnerable wildlife, the environment, underserved populations, giving back to teachers, as well as beautifying our community in many ways. We will also offer opportunities for week-long opportunity during Spring Break in Baja, Mexico building houses for families in need. We anticipate facilitating Service Learning opportunities that will impact students long after graduation and shape their future choices to make a difference in their spheres of influence in life.