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Dual Enrollment

If you are a current high school student, you may be eligible to enroll at American River College or Sierra College.and take courses as an advanced education student if:
    • You have completed the 10th grade or will be at least 16 years old by the first day of instruction;
    • You demonstrate exemplary academic achievement as evidenced by a GPA of 2.7 or above, an analysis of transcripts, assessment results, letters of support from high school counselors and teachers, and/or other academic success indicators;
    • The course you want to take is not available to you at your school;
    • The course is not remedial;
    • The course is not being repeated due to an unsatisfactory grade;
    • The course is for advanced study and you are able to demonstrate adequate preparation and completed prerequisites for the course.

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

    • Complete college courses early with dedicated dual enrollment classes
    • Earn High School credits and College Units simultaneously
    • Get 100% free college tuition and textbooks
    • Get access to college activities and campus resources
    • Be supported by High School and College staff to succeed
Please talk to your counselor at your school site if you are interested in attending college while you are in high school!