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Golf tournament flyer
On Friday September 30, 2022, the GCC Foundation held it's 10th Annual Golf Tournament at Teal Bend Golf Course.  This event is used to raise money for Athletic Programs held throughout GCC.
For more information about the GCC Foundation or the Golf Tournament, please visit the GCC Foundation Golf Tournament page. 
Five golfers gathered for picture
Foursome of golfers
Foursome of golfers
Foursome of golfers
Foursome of golfers
Man in the weeds
Three volunteers standing at table
Three volunteers at table
Foursome of golfers
Follow through swing on golf club
Man hits golf ball
Man hitting golf ball
Two women standing at volunteer table
Two people at table
Man standing at table
Man in green swinging club
Foursome of golfers
Man swinging club
Teeing off
Teeing off, man swinging club
Man getting ready to tee off
Man in shorts hitting golf ball
Man in shorts swing golf club
Foursome of golfers
Man swinging club
Man teeing off
Man swinging golf club
Man hitting golf ball
Foursome of golfers
Foursome of golfers
Man teeing off
Two people in golf cart
Group of people talking
Woman checking out golf cart
Man talking about golf cart with another person
Eccentric golf cart with group of people gathered around
Carts on the go
Carts going down pathway
Golf cart driving away
Line of golfers sitting in cart clapping
Woman speaking into mic
Woman speaking into mic
Man introducing woman
Man and woman speaking
Behind as speaker talks to golfers
Person speaking into mic
Two people looking to left
Line of carts
People speaking between golf carts
Two people talking
Man sitting in golf cart
Two men standing
Two men holding golf clubs
Man checking out gift baskets
Woman speaking with man
Two men speaking
Golf carts lined up
Golfers getting lined up
Team of golfers
Two men speaking
Men standing around parking lot
Man with golf cart
Hula girl on golf cart
Eccentric golf cart
People shaking hands
Man shaking hands
Magnets on golf cart
Golf cart front visor
Man checking out golf cart
Two posing for picture
Checking in golfers
Volunteers getting golfers checked in
People speaking
Flowers and brochure
Thumbs up by four people
Information tent with four people standing in front
Gift baskets
Gift baskets
People getting food
Raffle baskets
Tables set up for dining
Eccentric golf cart
Two people posing for photo
Two men speaking to each other
Woman smiling and standing
Four people speaking
Eccentric  golf cart
Sign thanking sponsors
People gathered for start of event
Man smiling in line
Man and woman posing for picture
Man pointing with arm around woman
Two men smiling