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2021 Firehouse Cafe Grand Opening

On November 2nd, the Firehouse Cafe had its Grand Opening at the Firehouse Community Center. Students served up fresh brewed coffee options to celebrate the day with dedicated community partners SMUD, Mutual Assistance Network, Mast Coffee, and entrepreneur/small business workshop provider CA Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SBDC).

Additionally, many of the GCC Foundation and Board Members, various other community partners and supporters of both GCC and the Firehouse Cafe joined the festivities . The trained student baristas from various GCC schools, all handled the steady flow of customers well. We are very proud of our amazing entrepreneurial students
GCC Executive Team posing for photo
Myesha Brit speaking to student with mic
Jason Sample speaking
Person placing an order
Line forming for coffee
Person making a purchase
Milk pouring into cup
Coffee cups in 3 sizes
People gathering awaiting the opening of the cafe
Group of people talking
Sign for Firehouse Community Center
Firehouse Cafe Coffee stand
Firehouse cafe entryway
People putting up sign with balloons