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Student Google Accounts

Student Google Accounts

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Copying and Transferring Your Account

Prior to graduating or exiting Gateway Community Charters, students wishing to retain any documents, emails, or other files within their GCC Student  Account, will need to utilize the Google Transfer tool to transfer and copy their files to a personal Google account. If you do not have a personal account you can create one for free.
To access the Google Transfer tool:
    1. In a browser window, log in to your GCC Student Gmail account.   
    2. Access the tool at Or, from the upper right corner of the window, select the Google Account icon and then select  Manage your Google Account.
    3. From the account page, select Start transfer under Transfer your content and complete the steps:
      1. Enter a destination account
      2. Verify your destination account
      3. Select the content to copy and transfer.
    4. When the transfer is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.
If you are unable to access your student account because it is disabled or you have forgotten your password, please contact your school front office for assistance.