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Futures student on graduation dayThe Portrait of A GCC Graduate is an essential framework that gives us a comprehensive and holistic picture of the knowledge, skills, and attributes we aspire for our students to possess by the time they graduate or promote from Gateway Community Charters schools. It goes beyond traditional academic achievements and encompasses a broader set of competencies necessary for success in the 21st century and global society.

The Portrait of A GCC Graduate captures the essence of our educational vision and serves as a guiding compass in shaping our curriculum, instructional practices, and overall educational experiences. It highlights the importance of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and adaptability, equipping our students with the tools they need to navigate an ever-changing world and thrive in their personal and professional pursuits.

By embracing and embodying the Portrait of A GCC Graduate, our students become lifelong learners, responsible global citizens, and empowered agents of change in their communities. This framework was created with input from students, parents, staff, the business community, faith-based leaders, and higher education partners.
Discover how our schools are integrating the Portrait of a GCC Graduate into their curriculum: