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2023 - 2024 Goals

Student Achievement: Increase academic achievement for all learners while closing the gap between student populations in pursuit of excellence using research-based practices, with a focus on English language development and mathematics. 
Parent/Caregiver and Community Investment and Support: Welcome, inform, and actively engage students, parents/caregivers, and the greater community regarding the educational priorities, processes, initiatives, challenges, and opportunities for growth within the GCC and each school. 
Curriculum: Develop, assess, and integrate the implementation of a school-specific Instructional Framework and support the learner-centric model, which includes: high engagement, culturally responsive teaching practices, instruction, learning environment, and professional practices and responsibilities. 
School Culture and Instructional Environment: All campuses and GCC facilities provide an equity-informed educational environment that reflects a commitment to students' and staff’s social and emotional needs, safety, and security and also includes high standards for citizenship among students, staff, community, and visitors as well as providing a comprehensive system of support services to facilitate student success both academically and personally. 
College and Career Readiness: Design programming that equips all learners in developing their voice and agency, focusing on a growth mindset, resiliency, and grit to have the social, emotional, and academic skills necessary to be college, career, and life ready.
Highest Quality Staff: Recruit, develop, and retain the highest quality diverse and talented faculty and staff
Fiscal and Operational Efficiency and Sustainability: Improve, develop, and sustain systems and processes that built operational effectiveness to impact student and school success.
Governance and Leadership: Build, create, and implement a system that supports the success of all students, staff, and families.  
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Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Gateway Community Charters respects, affirms, and protects the dignity and human worth of each member of its community. We value differences and seek to actively pursue diversity, advance inclusion and ensure equity. The GCC Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strives to be a driving force for promoting shared values within our organization and our schools in order to promote a welcoming environment and inclusion excellence for people of all identities, diverse perspectives and life experiences. From this perspective, we envision schools where every student meets their highest potential and where differences are celebrated and maximized to achieve excellence.


Gateway Community Charters will actively include and value all stakeholders while working to meet students’ unique learning needs while actively developing their understanding and respect of difference, therefore preparing students to thrive in an inclusive, global society.


  • Goal 1. Ensure a welcoming, safe, inclusive and equitable school community.
  • Goal 2. Reduce the opportunity gap for structurally disadvantaged students.
  • Goal 3. Incorporate the use of culturally relevant and responsive instruction and curriculum.
  • Goal 4. Recruit and retain diverse and culturally competent administrators and staff.
  • Goal 5. Create and Ensure Culturally Responsive and Equity Informed Policies and Practices.