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  1. Recognizing that equity does not mean equality, the GCC works to align systems, accountability, support and resources to achieve excellence for all students by providing high quality, rigorous instruction, curriculum and educational opportunity and by ensuring academic engagement for all students.
  2. Utilize open communication and collaboration with and among staff, parents, business and community members to ensure unity and ownership in the vision and goals of the GCC.
  3. Establish an educational environment defined by high expectations that promote responsibility and accountability of students, staff and parents, and one that nurtures and motivates students to pursue their full potential in academic performance and citizenship.
  4. Integrate a technologically advanced educational environment and support system that promotes student learning anytime, anywhere and allows learners to strategically utilize time, space and resources to optimize learning.
  5. Provide a secure, safe, inclusive and equitable learning environment for all students and staff that promotes and fosters a learning environment that is culturally responsive, practices positive discipline, improves school climate, and provides social- emotional learning and support.
  6. Vigorously pursue the enhancement of the GCC’s capacity for excellence in current and future proposed schools and programs within the parameters of fiscal capacity and responsibility.
  7. Recruit, develop, and retain the highest quality diverse and talented faculty and staff.
Math competition event, students holding small white boards
Student climbing on ropes course
Students at table