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Beliefs are an expression of fundamental values, overriding convictions, and inviolable principles.

WE BELIEVE that all children can learn, and we create opportunity through schools of choice that serve the educational needs of all students focused particularly on culturally diverse, vulnerable, un-served, and underserved populations such as the disenfranchised, economically disadvantaged, homeless, parenting teens, working young adults, fifth-year seniors, English language learners and more.

WE BELIEVE in a compelling, different, and vibrant future through the creation of shared purpose. This future interests us, compels us, and inspires us – it is something we work toward collaboratively and collectively – a magnificent and significant portrait of our bold desire to change lives and shape outcomes for our students, our communities, and our world. WE BELIEVE in the power of enlisting other people in the dream, to shape the dream, to believe with us and to stay dedicated to the dream. We have an authentic desire to see people involved in this process of enlisting others to build this vision and ideal future together, partly because we understand that we support what we co-create.

WE BELIEVE our integrity is embodied by the work to tirelessly create and ensure congruence between who we are, what we do, and how we do it.
WE BELIEVE in the empowerment of our stakeholders by providing connected autonomy, opportunity for input, resources, training, coaching and developing so that we can all succeed in carrying out our compelling vision.
WE BELIEVE in the power of reflection at all levels; observing, reviewing data, getting feedback, having powerful conversations and being open to change.

WE BELIEVE that a foundation of organizational success is the commitment to build meaningful, productive relationships across and within our schools and our organization - with every student and every colleague.
Students with eagle mascot
Kindergarten graduation ceremony, students crossing stage
Students gathered in circle
CCCS Boys basketball team group photo