Why Charter Schools

Charter schools give teachers the flexibility to innovate and try new ways to improve student achievement. This flexibility gives charter schools the ability to develop successful new models that work. Charter schools also hold teachers and the local community accountable: if student achievement isn’t improving, charter schools can make quick, effective changes like modifying curriculum or making appropriate staff changes to improve student achievement.

What is a Charter School

Charter schools are independent public schools that are allowed to be more innovative and are held accountable for improved student achievement. By forming a strong partnership among parents, students and teachers, charter schools are able to create an environment that’s specially tailored for the students who go there. An environment where:

Parents are encouraged to be involved
Teachers have the freedom to innovate
Students have the chance to learn
All three are held accountable for improving student achievement

Charters like traditional schools:

Do not charge tuition
Are not religiously-based, and may not discriminate
Enroll all students who apply, unless the school is at capacity, when at capacity prospective students are entered into a lottery
Meet all California State Standards for curriculum
Administer state standardized tests
Have credentialed teachers for core subjects
Receive public funding, based on student enrollment


Gateway Community Charters mission is to create and manage high quality charter schools which provide access to innovative, quality, standards-based educational opportunity for all students.