Board Governance

Administrative Policy

Conflict Of Interest

Govering Process & Style

Uniform Complaint Procedures    


Budget Policies

Budget Dev & Oversight

Budget & Other Fiscal Reports

Controls Budget & Fiscal Mng

Fiscal Oversight / Authority to Enter

Fundraising/Grant Solicitation/Donation

Gifts & Awards

Property Liability Insurance

Title I Program

Travel Expenses   


 Curriculum & Instruction

9th Grade Mathematics Course Placement

CCCS Graduation Requirements

CAHSEE Exemption for Students

     with Disabilities Policy

Core Academic Subject Policy

GCC H.S. Graduation Requirements

Guidance for Counseling Services

Homeless Youth Instruction

Identification & Ed Under Sec. 504

Independent Study Policy

JROTC Credit Policy

SAVA Graduation Requirements

School Use Of Videos/Movies


Employee Policies

Administrative Leave

Anti-Nepotism Policy

Credential Requirements

Employee Change of Assignment

GCC Compensation 

GCC Employee Handbook

Incidental Personal Use of

     Electronic Resources

Jury/Witness Duty

Paid Sick Time

Salary Schedule Movement

TB Exam Policy

Unlawful Harassment

Discrimination and Retaliation


Facilities / Operations

Facilities Use


School Safety Policies

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure

Condition for Classroom/School Visitation

Control Plan

Field Trips & Excursions

Fingerprinting and Background

GCC Comprehensive School

GCC Vehicle Policy

Non-Discrimination Harassment Intimidation

and Bullying for Students/Employees

Safety Plan



Student Policies

Administration of Meds/Emergencies

Admissions and Enrollment

Anti-Bullying Policy

Athletic Policy


Child Abuse Policy

Education for English Learners

Educational Records & Student Information

Foster Youth Graduation Requirements

Health Screening

Head Lice

Immigration Enforcement Policy

Immigration Enforcement Policy

(Related to the detention or deportation)

Internet Safety Policy

Local Wellness Policy

Married - Expectant &

Parenting Students

Notifications of District

of Residence

Parent Involvement

Religion In School

Senior Attendance

Student Compaints

Student Fees

Student Organizations/Club

Suicide Prevention

Suspension and Expulsion

Unlawful Harassment







GCC ByLaws