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The GCC Human Resources Department Strives to provide friendly, professional and knowledgeable service, while maintaining integrity and best practice, in an effort to allow employees to focus on the business of educating our youth.


Providing the highest quality of education to our students is our everyday goal. Having reliable, fully qualified professional substitutes in our schools is a high priority to support student achievement. We expect our substitutes to be as devoted to the interests of each individual student as is the staff person whom he/she replaces. Your role as a substitute is a vital one, you are responsible for ensuring that the instructional process continues even in the absence of the regular staff person.


We value our substitutes and realize that they are a special kind of person. A successful substitute is a person who earnestly cares about children, is patient, caring, creative and versatile. We appreciate the contribution our substitutes make to support our students. We are confident you will do everything possible to meet the high standards GCC requires in our schools and wish to extend our most sincere, best wishes to you as you continue to be a valued an dedicated substitute.


Human Resources Contact Information

Office Hours – Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Dr. Jerry Kosch, Director Personnel & Academics

Office 916-286-5110


Laura Barragan, Human Resources Coordinator

Office 916-286-5199 x2089

Laura supports Certificated Staff, Substitutes, Aesop, Timecards, Workman’s Compensation and Leaves of Absence


Annie DeLand, Human Resources Specialist

Office 916-286-5199 x2065

Annie supports Classified Staff, Aesop, Volunteers


Nicki Clatte, Human Resources Clerk

Office 916-286-5160

Nicki supports all staff, Substitutes, Aesop, Employee Training and Timecards


What is it?

It’s an employee absence management and substitute placement system used by organizations throughout North America. Aesop offers you the flexibility to proactively search for jobs and fill your own schedule the way you want. To help you benefit most from automated substitute placement, Aesop offers you both phone and web services for finding and accepting jobs.


The Aesop telephone number is 1-800-942-3767

You can also access the Aesop system via internet by clicking on the link below::



You will need the following information to access the system:

– Your ID number (emailed)
– Your PIN number (emailed)


GCC Employees if you are having trouble logging in please contact your Site Admin Assistant/Clerk for help

GCC Substitutes – if you are having trouble logging in please contact 916-286-5160

GCC Aesop Substitute Video


Employment Opportunities

For a full list of open positions please visit


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