Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy

SAVA-Logo_smIt is the mission of the Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy (SAVA) to provide high quality curriculum, instructional support, career exploration, and preparation for students in our community. We accomplish this by:

  • Emphasizing standards-based curriculum
  • Providing parents and guardians with instructional guidance and support
  • Identifying student instructional needs and providing personalized educational plans
  • Assessing student learning style, modality and achievement
  • Providing access to career opportunities including internships and job shadowing

It is our belief that all students can learn and achieve if we first ensure that basic needs and support systems are in place and then work to explore multiple pathways to meet the multiple challenges for our student population.

School Accountability Report Card (SARC)
Local Control and Accountability Plan: Annual Update
Single Plan for Student Achievement
El Plan: Planned Improvements in Student Performance
Sacramento Academic & Vocational Academy Website

  • 3141 Dwight Road
    Suites 400, 200, Elk Grove, CA

    SAVA Principal:
    Morri Elliott


    SAVA Vice Principal:
    Tim Sprinkles

  • 5330 Power Inn Road
    Suites A, C, D, E, Sacramento, CA 95820

    SAVA Principal:
    Morri Elliott


    SAVA Vice Principal:
    Ric Reyes

  • 811 Grand Avenue
    Sacramento, CA 95838

    SAVA Principal:
    Morri Elliott

  • 6207 Logan Street
    Sacramento, CA 95824

    SAVA Principal:
    Morri Elliott


    SAVA Vice Principal:
    Collette MacDonald

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