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Outreach_LogoBuilding on the strength’s of students’ culture, parents and teachers collaborate to ensure that all students meet high expectations in personal and academic growth.

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  • Skyvarla Ave (Grades K-1)
    5800 Skvarla Avenue
    McClellan, CA 95652
    Phone: 916-640-1431Skvarla Campus Principal:
    Larissa Gonchar

    Skvarla Campus Site Manager:
    Alex Banashko

  • Pavilion Campus (Grade 2)
    5640 Dudley Blvd.
    McClellan, CA 95652
    Phone: 916-286-5100 Ext. 3006
    (Administration Office)Pavilion Campus Principal:
    Larissa Gonchar

    Pavilion Campus Vice Principal:
    Michael Serdi

  • Rafferty A (Grades 3-4)
    5637 Skvarla Avenue
    McClellan, CA 95652
    Phone: 916-286-5170Rafferty A Principal:
    Larissa Gonchar

    Rafferty A Vice Principal:
    Tatyana Kisel

    Rafferty A Site Manager:
    Roman Yurtsan

  • Rafferty B (Grades 4-5)
    3337 James Way
    McClellan, CA 95652
    Phone: 916-286-5170Rafferty B Principal:
    Larissa Gonchar

    Rafferty B Site Manager:
    Roman Yurtsan

  • Dudley Campus (Grade 6)
    5712 Dudley Blvd.
    McClellan, CA 95652
    Phone: 916-286-1910Dudley Campus Principal:
    Larissa Gonchar

    Dudley Campus Site Manager:
    Veniamin Nesteruk

  • COA Middle School (Grades 7-8)
    3800 Bolivar Avenue
    North Highlands, CA 95660
    Phone: 916-286-1908
    Fax: 916-338-1412COA Middle School Principal:
    Scott Jonard

    COA Middle School Vice Principal:
    Diana Davidson

    COA Middle School Site Manager:
    Yuriy Gnatyuk

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